Gillian Storey Science Secondary

Name Gillian Storey
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
Science (Biology) SLE
Appointed 1st November 2014
Archbishop Temple School/ Preston Teaching School Alliance
Current School
(LA or Sponsor)
Archbishop Temple School, Preston.
Recent OfSTED judgement
(Overall and Leadership)
Context of School

Archbishop Temple School is a high performing secondary school in Preston, Lancashire. We have around 800 pupils, aged 11 – 16, and we aim to provide an outstanding education based firmly on our core values of faith, nurture and service.

Our pupils receive a first class education and our exam results are consistently among the best in the country (in 2018 88% of our students achieved a good grade in 5 or more subjects, including English and Maths).

Being a Church of England School is a core part of our ethos. We express our faith in regular acts of worship, but also by providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where we make a commitment to each young person to try to support them to be the best they can be.

Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength
  • Biology pedagogy and specification knowledge. My personal top set results 2018 85% Grades 7-9, Value add 0.89.
  • Pupil mindset for learning. Embedding learning and recall strategies throughout the curriculum is key to success in the terminal examinations.
  • Engaging pupils in science. I employ both technology based engagement activities and the more traditional classic engagement activities in lessons. I have delivered CPD training on both areas for other schools and am also due to present these ideas at local and national teaching conferences.
  • Utilising technology in science education. Every pupil in our school uses an iPad for learning on a daily basis. We have embraced this new technology to further progress science lessons for learning and have integrated whole school technology based strategies to maximise the utilisation of these devices in school.
  • Planning. I have extensive expertise for planning successful SOW for the department for KS3 and KS4, enabling non-specialist teachers to be able to confidently deliver lessons out of their subject specialisms (being one of a few people who are triple qualified to teach all three specialisms to A-level.)
  • Biology required practical activities. I have delivered several CPD courses to   support other schools in this area.
  • IT expertise in data management. Using Excel and other tools effectively to track pupil progress to identify where intervention strategies need to be applied.
  • Assessment for learning. Ensuring assessment activities are meaningful and effective in progressing pupils learning. Using a variety of online and more traditional methods for assessment on a regular basis.
How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?
  • I have delivered CPD training on the biology required practical activities several times. I have delivered both STEM Triple Science INSET training in my role as an
  • Associate Facilitator for STEM learning and also have delivered bespoke training to several schools in the North West on this topic.
  • I have delivered bespoke CPD training on the pedagogy for teaching the new biology GCSE content to a number of schools in the North West.
  • In my own school I have delivered training to staff on pupil engagement in lessons.
  • I am due to deliver sessions on pupil engagement and the use of technology in science to the Preston TSA Conference and also the National Association of Science Education Conference at Birmingham University in January 2019.
  • I have been into a local school to give a snapshot synopsis of the science department to give them ideas of how to move the department forward.
  • I have been instrumental in the move into new specifications, improving teaching and learning, assessment, recording data, statistical analysis of data, developing pupil intervention strategies and trying new strategies and resources building a strong, cohesive science department who work together well as a unified team.
  • I have organised, coordinated and developed a local teach-meet meeting for the local schools to get together and talk about the changing focus of science education for the local area.
What was the Impact of your support?
  • A successful implementation of a new innovative curriculum at KS3 and KS4 has resulted in the Science department results to be truly outstanding.  The curriculum has enhanced improvements because it is broad and flexible and caters for the needs of all students.
  • CPD training and school to school support has so far been on a short term basis. The immediate feedback from INSET delivered has so far always been excellent. One of the schools I delivered a bespoke INSET session to have requested that I go back to further the training embarked on in the last session.
  • Teach-meet meetings had 10 schools attending to discuss ideas. (This work has now evolved into working more closely with individual schools in a wider geographical area.)
  • Delivering at conferences is a new experience for me and has the opportunity to impact many schools at once.


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