Joanne Harris RE Secondary

Name Joanne Harris
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
Religious Education SLE
Appointed 2014
Broughton High School / Preston Teaching School Alliance
Current School
(LA or Sponsor)
Broughton High School, Preston
Recent OfSTED judgement
(Overall and Leadership)
Outstanding in all areas
Context of School Broughton High School is a popular, high-achieving mixed 11-16 community school with a proud history of success. We are located in the village of Broughton, towards the north of Preston. Broughton High School is one of the three Teaching Schools in the Preston Teaching School Alliance.
Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength
  • Curriculum planning (primary and secondary RE)
  • Developing Literacy through RE
  • Assessment and pupils progression in KS1,2 and 3 RE
  • Raising the profile of RE
  • GCSE Religious Studies
  • Knowledge of local agreed syllabus
  • SMSC, British Values and Prevent
How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?
  • Termly network meetings for RE teachers and leaders
  • Working with Heads of RE in other schools to develop their RE curriculum and resources
  • Supporting other schools delivering the 1-9 RS GCSE
  • Mentoring new Heads of RE in other schools
  • Working with other schools to develop assessment systems for KS3 RE following the removal of levels
  • Delivering training to primary and secondary trainees in the Teaching School Alliance (teaching RE, SMSC, British Values and Prevent)
  • Leading whole school training on memory and metacognition, developing vocabulary, KS3 assessment, questioning and challenge in the classroom
What was the Impact of your support?
  • Providing an academic and challenging RE curriculum in the school
  • Improving the quality and perceived value of RE
  • Improved GCSE resources and support – leading to improved outcomes for pupils
  • Making the workload of single person departments manageable


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