Lisa Tattersall Creative Arts Secondary

Name Lisa Tattersall
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
Current School
(LA or Sponsor)
Blackburn Central High School, Blackburn
Recent OfSTED judgement
(Overall and Leadership)
Context of School

Blackburn Central High School is an average sized school with 863 students on roll, the school has grown considerably since 2013. BCHS with Crosshill is co-educational, 11 to 16 community comprehensive school situated in the centre of Blackburn. The school has capacity for 900 students and is collocated with Crosshill Special School (65 students).

BCHS is a highly diverse and multicultural school with in excess of 40 different languages being spoken as the first/home language.

The percentage of students entitled to FSM is almost double the national average (47.9%) and around 80% of students are of ethnic minority heritage with around 69% of students not having English as their first language.

BCHS serves two distinct communities Asian heritage and white working class. The school has put a lot of work into creating highly successful Community Cohesion and as a result there is very low level of racial incidents.

The percentage of students with SEN support is double the national average and those with an EHC plan is just below national average however, for 2017 there is an increase in those with an EHCP.

BCHS has 5 times as many EAL students as the National Average.

We have a significantly high number of international new arrivals.

Prior attainment of students on entry is significantly below the national average and the gap is widening (approx. 2 points).

Approx. 50 % of our students are disadvantaged.

Overall 99% of our students live in areas classified as being in the bottom 50% nationally for deprivation, half of them in the bottom 10% and 4% in the bottom 1% nationally for deprivation.

BCHS has built positive relationships with a wide range of groups in our community and together we work in partnership to support our students learning and maximise their progression.

Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength

Focus groups including White British, disadvantaged and boys

Multicultural diversity and inclusion.

I am currently working at a diverse and multicultural school. Ensuring cohesion, especially though the Arts is an area I am passionate about. I also thrive on closing the gaps of focus groups by researching, trialling strategies and looking at outcomes. This is especially focused on boys and the strategies I have developed have played a vital role in closing the gap between boys’ and girls’ results.

Raising attainment of students

My main focus and passion is in the Arts. I really enjoy getting children to use art as a way of expressing themselves and produce good quality and inspirational artwork.

My pupils’ art has been exhibited nationally and the results in my department have doubled since I started 4 years ago. This also includes significantly improving standards and cohort numbers throughout music and drama.

Raising profile of creative arts in school

I look at strategies to increase cohort numbers in department and engage students. This is done by making the learners see the point of the subjects through looking at the job sector and future careers, having artist in residence and trips. This is also created by having high standards and pride in their work and also seeing their work around the school and the local area.

Analysing Data and then implementing this in strategies to improve attainment

I enjoy using data as a key tool to analyse underachievement. This can then be turned into specific strategies for interventions. Regular analysis means I can see patterns and gaps to focus on.

How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?

I have done the following support at both middle leader and whole school level;

  • Led action research groups on White British and boys achievement.
  • I have led professional development groups.
  • Given whole school assemblies on engaging white British and boys.
  • Been part of multi-cultural meetings and development of cohesion in schools.
What was the Impact of your support?
  • Closing of the gaps of focus groups within my departments.
  • Increase of Cohort at KS4.
  • Increased knowledge of strategies to use on specific groups like White British and boys.
  • Improved cohesion of learners form outside of the U.K especially EAL learners.
  • Intervention utilised to raise achievement.
  • Improved grades at KS4 for my departments.


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