Louise Robertson KS1 English, EYFS & KS1 Phonics Primary

Name Louise Robertson
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
Key Stage One English
EYFS and Key Stage One Phonics
Appointed April 2016
Queens Drive Primary School/ Preston Teaching School Alliance
Current School
(LA or Sponsor)
Queens Drive Primary School, Preston
Recent OfSTED judgement
(Overall and Leadership)
Outstanding in all areas
Context of School

Queens Drive Primary School is a large primary school situated in the Fulwood area of Preston.  We have fifteen classes in total in the school.

Our pupils are driven by an exciting blend of innovative and unique skills-based learning, complemented by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and nurturing staff. Our teachers love to teach and inspire a desire to learn and make progress amongst all pupils.

We perform consistently well in terms of academic achievements and our SAT’s results are well above the national and Lancashire average in all subject areas.

Our school thrives on success and as well as our academic success our children enjoy opportunities to excel in many areas of sport. Our dedicated staff regularly lead after school sports clubs where children are given opportunities to compete with other Preston Schools in a wide variety of different sports such as cheerleading, swimming, triathlon and gymnastics.  As our school motto shows children are given the opportunity to dream, achieve and believe in themselves and their capabilities.

Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength
  • Phonics teaching and planning support
  • Guided reading  support
  • Key Stage 1 English planning and teaching support
  • Guided writing support
  • Phonics training to teaching and support staff
  • The teaching of early reading and writing
  • Our Year One screening check data continues to be consistently greater than the national and Lancashire average.  This year 89% of Year One children reached the expected standard in phonics with 23% of the children attaining a maximum score of 40 out of 40.
How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?
  • Supported two local primary schools with SLT team and looked at phonics and reading in these schools. I was part of a mentoring support team that analysed school data, observed lessons and provided feedback to schools and on how to improve and develop phonics and early reading provision further.
  • Provided school to school support to primary school in Preston. I advised them with the provision of high quality decodable reading books for all EYFS and Key Stage 1 children.  I supported staff in EYFS with their teaching of phonics, reading and how to organise their classroom environment.
  • I presented a writing workshop to a primary school in Lancaster.  This focussed on strategies used to develop early writing skills and how to provide high quality purposeful writing opportunities for EYFS and Key Stage One children.
  • I presented a phonics training session to Preston Teaching School Alliance secondary English students.
How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?
  • I have presented several phonics twilight sessions to all Preston Alliance schools. These sessions have involved high quality continuous professional development for teaching and ta staff and were very well attended.
  • I have provided writing demonstration lessons for staff visiting from other schools.
  • I have supported Year 1 staff from other schools with transition from EYFS to Year 1.
  • Whilst supporting the Preston primary school undertook lesson observations, TA training, demonstration lessons to all staff and teaching staff training
  • In my school I have provided staff with several opportunities to develop their phonics skills through phonics training  and support sessions.
What was the Impact of your support?

The feedback I received from the schools was extremely positive. References were made to:

  • improvement in lesson delivery
  • knowledge of resources available to teach phonics and how to use these effectively
  • confidence in teaching English
  • increased understanding of early reading and the importance of using decodable readers
  • Renewed interest and enthusiasm when teaching phonics and early reading skills
  • When I went back into the primary school in Preston I was able to see how they had taken my advice and replenished their reading book stock and were also using strategies explained in mentoring and planning sessions to deliver high quality phonics sessions.


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