Mark Noblet Maths and Gifted and Talented Primary

Name Mark Noblet
SLE designation
(Date of designation & Teaching School)
Mathematics SLE
Appointed 2015
Queen’s Drive Primary School / Preston Teaching School Alliance
Current School
(LA or Sponsor)
Queen’s Drive Primary School, Preston
Recent OfSTED judgement
(Overall and Leadership)
Context of School A large mixed primary school with 450 pupils on role. The school is positioned in Fulwood, which is a suburb of Preston, with pupils from a range of cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.
Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength
  • Mastery in Mathematics
  • Intervention Planning
  • Effective Deployment of TAs in Mathematics
  • Strategies to Make Maths Fun
  • Engaging Girls in Mathematics
  • Transition KS1-KS2-KS3.

This has been achieved by:

  • Coaching and supporting staff on 1:1, needs specific small group and whole school staff development.
  • Bespoke extra-curricular clubs for maths.
  • Planning meetings with teachers to identify areas of underperformance and address these.
  • Organising and hosting regular meetings with colleagues from a range of primary and secondary schools.
  • Active participation in the Mastery in Mathematics programme.
How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?
  • Working with teachers and teaching assistants to consider how a range of practical resources can be used to enhance the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  • Undertaken research into girls’ attitudes towards maths and provided feedback to colleagues and ideas for improving experiences and results for girls in mathematics.
  • Implementing the Mastery in Mathematics approach at our school, providing colleagues with ideas and resources to make this successful.
  • Evaluated planning with colleagues from other schools and assessed the quality of teaching and learning in other schools through direct observations, scrutiny of books and pupil interviews.
  • Provided opportunities and set agendas for colleagues to meet and discuss issues related to the mathematics curriculum.
  • Promoted open and honest dialogue with Headteachers and senior leaders about areas for improvement in their schools.
What was the Impact of your support?
  • Feedback from teachers and teaching assistants stated that the support provided challenged them to think differently and gave ideas how to make mathematics more interactive.
  • Staff reported that the resources and ideas provided allowed them to plan and prepare their maths lessons with greater structure and differentiation.
  • There were marked improvements in the results of girls in maths in the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 tests.
  • As a result of the mastery approach, children are experience a wider range of learning opportunities in maths with a greater use of practical equipment and visual resources.
  • Primary and secondary colleagues reported that they had a greater understanding of the transition issues and this had helped them in the classroom and when planning mathematics.
  • Overall improvements in the learning and teaching of mathematics.


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