Sarah Flynn English Secondary


Sarah Flynn

SLE designation

(Date of designation & Teaching School)

English SLE

Appointed 25th February 2019

Longridge High School/ Preston Teaching School Alliance

Current School

(LA or Sponsor)

Longridge High School, Preston

Recent OfSTED judgement

(Overall and Leadership)

Overall: Requires Improvement

Leadership: Good

Context of School




Longridge High School is a mixed secondary school with 750 pupils on roll. It is based in the rural town of Longridge but has a large catchment area that means pupils travel from a number of areas to school.

The school is at the heart of the community and works extremely closely with a number of feeder primary schools to ensure that the pupils’ transition from primary school to secondary school is successful.


Particular area(s) of Expertise/Strength



As Head of Department, the results last year in English jumped by 20% to 82% for the Best English.

The overall results were as follows:

English Language:

Grades 7-9: 18%

Grade 5-9: 55%

Grades 4-9: 78%


English Literature:

Grades 7-9: 22%

Grades 5-9: 54%

Grades 4-9: 76%

  • As a Team Leader for Eduqas English Language Component 1, I have run inschool CPD sessions to ensure that all of my department mark accurately and robustly. In addition to this, I have shared my expertise with other colleagues in schools across Preston.
  • Quality Assurance of assessments is an area I have developed in my department and within other departments across the school. The process is now embedded within the department’s assessment calendar and is operated at both key stages.
  • Coaching and mentoring underperforming staff and departments is an area of strength as I have worked closely with a number of teachers to improve their teaching practice, the quality of their feedback and the pace and challenge that exists in the classroom.


How have you supported other schools or middle leaders and senior leaders in your own school?







Through my role as an extended member of the SLT team I have worked closely with another department to improve their awareness and understanding of what pace and challenge looks like in the classroom. This has been done through shared observations, shared feedback and looking at improving the type of feedback given to members of their department.

In addition to this, I have supported members of staff who are on coaching programmes/and or who are struggling to raise the achievement of pupils they are teaching. This has been successfully managed by team teaching, shared planning and looking at the marking and feedback given to the pupils.

I have already supported another HOS who was struggling to manage their time and workload inside and outside of the school. I supported this colleague by discussing areas of their practice that could be tweaked and altered to improve their daily routines.


What was the Impact of your support?




  • Improved exam results for pupils through successful team teaching and shared planning.
  • Increased awareness and understanding of exam criteria for underperforming staff.
  • More positive outcomes seen in the observations of teachers to ensure that pace and challenge is evident in their teaching.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety about daily workloads.
  • New strategies being successfully used to change the teaching practice of colleagues in other schools.


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